THEY. is a R&B duo consisting of Dante Jones and Drew Love, signed to Warner Music Group and Mind of a Genius Records. I was asked to direct the development of immersive experiences, brand strategies, social media campaigns, and content. Every revenue channels utilized from Live Show to the Merchandise experience – in an integrated, consistent marketing and branding strategy. We assembled platform specific social media strategies by conducting monthly performance reports used to develop quarterly social media audits to establish consistent growth of online presence. 

Understanding their content marketing goals allowed me to formulate the best possible strategy. In this case, that involved a complete emphasis on content marketing alongside SEO and PR efforts. 

We improved the health of their social channels to boost awareness and engagement. The first step focused on cleaning up an extremely toxic and spammy profile – over 600 post were manually analyzed and assessed. We continued optimization of top converting content to drive more traffic to the website.

Our Digital PR/Outreach team worked to secure highly relevant, quality links which would further improve the site’s backlink profile and pass authority. Building the site’s authority was crucial based on the highly competitive marketplace.

By looking at the problem holistically, I was able to provide tangible results for my client. Furthermore, in June of 2018, THEY’s website traffic reached an all time high of 18,608 visitors. And in the same month, the website ranked within the top 3 for 160 different keywords and within the top 100 search results for 11,337 keywords!

Through ongoing competitor analyses we continued to identify new opportunities to improve rankings and click through rate. As campaigns progressed and we gained more insight, we analyzed the CTR of keywords to identify optimizations to improve the CTR based on industry standards. Furthermore, Spotify plays increased 159% driving 1,596,583 monthly listeners.


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