Crooks & Castles teamed up with Hasbro and USAopoly to present a collector’s edition Monopoly game. The brand revamped the box and game board, which also includes custom cards, money and game tokens. To emphasize luxury, Crooks replaced the original train stations with a bullet train, executive heli-pad, clear port and yacht harbor. Customized tokens have been pulled directly from the lives of the Crooks, including a fitted hat, retro sneaker, and the co-founder’s French Bulldog.


An eclectic mix of celebrities and influencers—and many who fell squarely into both categories—assembled at the crooks flagship store to experience the partnership with Parker Brothers and the highly-limited Crooks x Monopoly board game. The invite only event brought out the likes of Russell Simmons, Christina Milian, Nipsey Hussle and many more.


The Women’s Monopoly line, featuring Karrueche, shows love to the Lady Crooks in a variety of vivid and colorful prints and contemporary art inspirations with a focus on the minimal. As second photographer and digital tech, I assisted in providing a different perspective while maintaining consistent color, contrast, and size.

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