Aggressive style, impressive technology, exhilarating performance—three strengths that put the Lexus LC 500 luxury performance coupe in a class of its own. Three strengths that also made the LC 500 the perfect match for Black Panther, a Marvel legend who exists in a class of his own. GPJ was assigned to translate Lexus’ 2018 global auto show design across all US auto show events. As Art Director and Creative Strategist, my objective was to transform function into emotion, performance into passion, and technology into imagination.



We identified an emerging group of consumers that share a new attitude towards luxury – one where experiences matter more than just ownership. This gave us an opportunity to build a brand gallery. Its function was to communicate attainable luxury by creating an immersive brand experience.

The design displayed consistent geometry while maintaining modular & multi-functional elements that extend the experience to all show levels. Maintain feature car hierarchy. Apply color logic on cars and placement. The zoning strategy considered overall architecture while maintaining modularity and scalability.



Dubbed the Black Panther inspired LC Concept Coupe, world renowned automotive customizers West Coast Customs created a Lexus vehicle like no other. Fit for a Marvel hero who is also a king, the Black Panther Inspired LC is part Lexus Takumi craftmanship, part Wakandan knowhow, and all badass. Leveraging Black Panther was a bit of a risk since Lexus began its collaboration on the movie two years ago before the script was even finished.

We created an interactive color and trim exhibit for Lexus. The challenge was building a color swatch with sensors, switches and speakers to create a virtual spray booth experience for auto show visitors. Using 6DOF magnetic sensors with a motion sensitivity of up to .001", we created this very successful exhibit. The visitor touch the color swatch trigger to start the event, chooses a car, chooses a color available for that car, then virtually alter the entire car from blank white to a color that is an accurate and current Lexus color that is available for that model.


This is a luxury space first and foremost for people to sit, reflect, create, debate and collaborate; where inspired people intersect with expressions of lifestyle, from design and architecture, food and entertainment, to technology and beyond. It is a meeting point for creative minds to converge and form connections that make great ideas even better. It’s a place where inspiration lives.



Client: Lexus
Agency: George P. Johnson
Creative Director: Erik Mckinney
Art Director: Jeremiah Gardner
2D Graphic Designer: Andy Wu

© 2019


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