Chase provides auto financing to Jaguar and Land Rover customers through the Jaguar Financial Group and Land Rover Financing Group. Throughout the eight year relationship, Jaguar Financial Group and Land Rover Financing Group financed over 200,000 Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles. The purpose of this event was to celebrate JLR JPMC relationship via a JMPC “employee day”. Our job at GPJ was to explore new ways to evangelize the JLR brand through customized solutions that inform and amaze! My primary role was to provide senior leadership in our studio, ensuring we strategically identify the client’s true opportunity for engagement.


Some of the challenges we faced were dual brand presence, small production budget, short event duration and limited space for activations. The Key metrics were based off of engagement volume, engagement duration, dealer inquiries, and web hits.


With British roots being a virtue thats parallel between the two brands, we were able to construct an abundantly clear messaging strategy highlighting the key pillars. Through virtual reality, JPMC employees were immersed in an experience showcasing the uncommon capability of the all-new Land Rover Discovery and the Range Rover Velar.



By providing guests with a true taste of British culture we inadvertently allowed guests to fully comprehend the compelling advantages of the JMPCHASE & JLR partnership. We were we able to exceed hand-raiser goals by 136%, and the success of the event won our agency the Jaguar Land Rover $20.0 mm annual program of exciting lifestyle and Ride & Drive events.


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