From aerial views of skyscrapers to ground-level captures of unassuming passersby mazing their way through traffic, Form & Function is an architecture magazine published quarterly by Archive Gallery. Each series is focuses on visual content that puts viewers into the shoes of locals. I was commissioned to examine and capture the contextual nature of the evolution in architectural intelligence throughout Los Angeles. The print publication was limited to 50 prints, which sold out in less than 48 hour!


We often find ourselves re-reading the same sentence  or staring at a page and realizing we have no idea what we’ve read. In efforts to avoid this, the juxtaposition of photos narrate a story, forcing readers to critically focus on the underlying message without support from written articles.

VSCO is a photography mobile app that allows users to capture photos in the app and edit them, in part through the use of its filters. Millions of images are shared on VSCO every day. The previously established relationship with the Oakland based company, VSCO, allowed us to get several images published on their platform, expanding the number of impressions and reach to millions!


Social media played a huge roll in building online engagement and increasing website traffic. By developing, scheduling and deploying social media posts, we were able to grow engagement and consumer activity by 300% within 2 weeks across both Archive Gallery instagram and tumblr account. The total view count hit 125,000, with 15 percent of those viewers swiping on the links to visit the site.


Caring greatly about both the quality and environmental impact of the papers, I intentionally selected paper composed of recycled fibers for the interior pages. Artifact Uprising's Mohawk Options Paper contains 100% post-consumer fiber, and all of the electricity used to manufacture the paper is matched with renewable wind generated electricity.


Recently, the resale industry has been on the rise. Customers who missed out got a second opportunity to grab a copy from third party resellers on Grailed at a price 65% higher than MSRP price. In addition to the original Internet arbitrage tool, eBay, websites like Grailed are known to sale coveted items that can span across any genre. 

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