From aerial views of skyscrapers to ground-level captures of unassuming passersby mazing their way through traffic, Form & Function is an architecture magazine published bi-annually by Archive Gallery. Each series is focuses on visual content that puts viewers into the shoes of locals.

I acted as a primary partner in developing creative concepts and editorial handles for all brand, sales and marketing materials. My primary responsibilities aside from integrating the creative brand voice were:

  • Communicate our core values across all platforms
  • Create high-level quarterly editorial strategies & goals
  • Ideate monthly strategies in partnership with Creative
  • Lead planning meetings & direct the overall editorial vision
  • Oversee projects and campaigns, providing high-level direction

        The print publication was limited to 50 prints, which sold out in less than 48 hour! In addition to the original Internet arbitrage tool, eBay, websites like Grailed are known to sale coveted items that can span across any genre. Customers who missed out got a second opportunity to grab a copy from third party resellers on Grailed at a price 65% higher than MSRP price. 

        Crooks & Castles S/S 2013

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