ARCHIVE GALLERY is a digital tool for finding creative inspiration. Dedicated to bringing a multi-cultural perspective, the creative platform offers exclusive content and news in art, design, music and more. Their main goal was to grow their social channel in order to engage a highly targeted audience. Since we were starting from scratch on highly saturated networks, such as Instagram and tumblr, our goal was to build up a targeted following and immediately engage them with relevant content.


The main goal was to increase brand awareness and use instagram as a platform to provide creative inspiration, and generate traffic to their website. Instagram was also used as a way to connect with their audience and allow user to submit original content that could potentially be featured online. Despite being a brand new page ARCHIVE GALLERY experienced immediate results in terms of growth and engagement.

Since beginning this campaigns, we noticed consistent, scalable growth without reaching a plateau. On average, their following increases by 5% a day. This consistent growth has increased their overall following by 9,836% in just 3 months, while only increasing the number of people they are following by 200%.


ARCHIVE GALLERY wanted to communicate their brand mission of changing how people perceive and experience high fashion - and let customers know they'll be there to cover their favorite brand's stories. Without going overboard, we created original video and promotional content to generate a buzz. This Saint Laurent Fall/Winter 2017 campaign is an example of the type of digital assets that were produced.  

We launched a MAILCHIMP campaign for Saint Laurent, generating interest and traffic to the website and social media platforms. By sharing relevant content, we were able to build brand attachment and increase engagement. The Archive Gallery landing page average engagement rate also significantly jumped, increasing by nearly 2,000%. This authentic approach at growing an audience also led to an increase of email traffic to the site. 


During a six month campaign, organic traffic, transactions, revenue, and keyword rankings for ARCHIVE GALLERY skyrocketed. The brand gained 24K additional keywords with an 888% increase in keywords ranking in positions 1-5. Rankings drive traffic and with more qualified traffic coming to the site, organic traffic increased 232%. Furthermore, Organic revenue increased 159% driving an addition $16.2K.

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