As part of Nike’s extensive 2018 NBA All-Star Weekend festivities, Jordan Brand teamed up with Interscope Records to host an installation titled “Studio 23.” As a strategist for UMG, I developed creative ideas to craft overall attendee experiences for the label. Complete with a fully functional music studio, Jordan City Of Flight merchandise, product customization and live music, the event was an immersive interactive experience, combining music and basketball culture together in a city that has a rich history of both.

Upstairs housed a separate Interscope Records takeover which was complete with two different recording studios, VIP room, lounge, and hospitality zone. The custom reception desk was built to look like a scaled back version of the reception desk at the Interscope offices. The two recording studios (dubbed Studio A and Studio B) were created in partnership and with direction from the Head of Studio Operations for Interscope. Each studio was outfitted with sound proofing, recording desks, instruments, and lounge furniture. In the back lived a green room – a semi-private space for VIP members to kick back, play some NBA 2K and enjoy food and beverages.

Crooks & Castles S/S 2013

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